Local expertise, Global Standards

Providing Japan's top Contact Center consulting, training and COPC® Certification

About Proseed

We at Proseed provide solutions to strengthen the management of your contact center, resulting in the best possible customer services for your customers.
Based on a 20 year partnership with COPC, the global standard for contact centers, we help your organization reach the level of the top contact centers in the world.

Your performance improvement is characterized by objectivity and expertise, using the latest systematic methods and benchmark data corresponding to the global standards combined with the extensive field experience of our consultants.

Being the top consulting firm in the Japanese contact center industry, we continue to develop and evolve our CX improvement consulting services and assure that we can create and help you utilize your omni-channel environment.

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Why Proseed?

Global Standards, Local Expertise

Specialized in contact center management optimization, we use systematic methods and global benchmark data to increase your organization's performance. We constantly update our expertise by providing the latest benchmark data, training modules and the latest version of the global standard for contact centers.

Our strength lies in combining global knowledge and local expertise. Our consultants have been active in the contact center industry on all levels. this, combined with a strong partnership with COPC, the global standard for contact centers, results in a level of expertise that helps your customer experience be the best it can be.

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