CX Consulting Professionals


Rather than using full-time lecturers, our consultants are in charge of the training programs to guarantee you the latest trends, developments and first hand insights. This results in more pro active discussions and a teaching method that meets the demands for directly applicable courses.

We currently offer the following training courses:

・COPC® Best Practices for CX Operations
・COPC® Best Practices for VMOs
・COPC® Customer Journey Mapping Certification
・COPC® Lean Six Sigma for Contact Centers

We make it possible to provide on site training courses, annual training programs, short-term learning programs etc. Contact us to see how we adjust our training courses to your convenience.

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Consulting & COPC Certification

We at Proseed aim to continuously improve our improvement cycle, benefiting your Customer Experience. We prioritize achieving performance goals in your organization. The continuous improvement cycle is created by making improvement projects that matches the culture, structure and strategy of your organization and utilizing the systematic method proven domestically and abroad. We will lead your organization to the realization of an excellent omnichannel design, improving your CX.

COPC Baseline assessment
In addition to companies aiming for COPC certification, the COPC Baseline Assessment can compare the level of your operation with the operating levels of benchmarks. Scoring will be conducted on key management areas indispensable for contact center operations.



Customer Journey Mapping support
The customer experience greatly affects not only products and services, but also brand loyalty and customer retention. Proseed helps your organizationʼs customers get the best experience throughout their entire Journey.

Quality Consulting
The COPC standard has evolved from a standard with only contact centers as certification scope to a standard for organizations that comprehensively manage customer experience through multiple channels. We at Proseed have a dedicated team to analyze and improve the overall quality of your customer experience.

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